High Definition

High Definition
Plasma Cutting

Pegasus Steel’s primary skill is in the Cutting of Profiles – and it is able to offer unbeatable lead times and excellent accuracy across a wide range of materials. We can precisely and economically reproduce almost any shape you may require.


CNC Bending

Pegasus Steel therefore covers a broad spectrum of bending requirements form the most accurate of sheet metal work through to heavy platework.

CNC Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Pegasus Steel has three state of the art Trumatic laser machines, a 5kw machine with a 6m x 2m cutting bed and a 6kw machine with a 3m x 1,5m cutting bed

CNC OxyFuel Cutting

Oxyfuel Cutting

Pegasus Steel has five CNC Oxyfuel Cutting machines, capable of cutting up to 300mm thick.



Pegasus Steel offers three sets of rolls with a maximum plate capacity of 40mm over 3m. The Rolls have the capability of achieving inside diameters down to 180mm over 2,5m and experienced operators working under constant supervision execute all jobs professionally.

Pegasus Steel offers professional steel processing services, working with sheet and plate in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Router Machine

the Haas Router Machine has the power to cut metals as well as other light materials. These machines can easily handle large sheets and can machine small parts by the thousands.

CNC OxyFuel Cutting

Edge Milling

Pegasus Steel offers a plate beveling service, capable of beveling any hardness of material

Guillotine Cutting


Pegasus Steel has four Guillotines, capable of shearing carbon steel and other materials up to 20mm thick, over 4 metres.


CAD Facilities

Our full in-house CAD Facilities are available to assist customers with drawings, or to nest items to ensure cost-efficiency. The ability to rotate the part or assembly to any angle and zoom in on even the most minute detail assures correct results first time, every time.


Saw Cutting

CNC controlled Saw Cutting Machines
One Amada saw cutting machine
One Everising cutting machine



Light to medium fabrication
Pegasus Steel are able to fabricate small to medium size fabrications to customer specification and requirements