High Definition Plasma Cutting

Three Messer Omni Mat® high definition plasma cutters with 7 HPR260 power sources

  • 28m x 5m cutting bed
  • Carbon steel = up to 60mm – 1.5mm accuracy
  • Stainless Steel= up to 50mm – 1.5mm accuracy

Pegasus Steel’s primary skill is in the Cutting of Profiles – and it is able to offer unbeatable lead times and excellent accuracy across a wide range of materials. We can precisely and economically reproduce almost any shape you may require. Your project is managed from design and prototype stage to production and on-time delivery.

Our Plasma Cutting Facility has recently been upgraded to incorporate two of the latest Hypertherm HPR400XD power sources with Messer Hole Technology cutting capability. This extends our plasma cutting capacity of cutting from 3 to 50mm for mild steel and low alloy materials. The Messer Hole Technology enables 1 to 1 ratio (thickness to diameter) holes which are virtually round to be produced in material thicknesses up to 25mm. The high-power output of the Hypertherm HPR400XD enables faster, more efficient high quality cutting across the entire thickness range.

Contact us today for more information on our high definition plasma cutting services. 
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