Wear Plates

Dillimax & Dillidur Wear Plates

Ultra-high strength and wear resistant wear plates.

Pegasus Steel carries stock of imported wear plates from Germany that is cost efficient and value for your money.

Dillidur 450 – 450 Brinell hardness & Dillidur 500 – 500 Brinell hardness.

Plates are available from 8 mm up to 100 mm thick.

Dillidur 450 & Dillidur 500 is a wear resistant steel used where elevated resistance to wear is required together with good workability and weldability.

Dillidur 450 & Dillidur 500 material applications such as: earth moving, loading machines, dredgers, skip cars, trucks, cutting edges and breakers.

Dillimax 690 Wear Plates

Hi strength Quenched and Tempered material used preferably used for welded steel structures applications, hoists, cranes, bridges and frameworks.

Dillimax 690 Wear Plates are available from 80 mm to 160 mm.

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