CAD Facilities and Technical Advice

Our full in-house CAD Facilities are available to assist customers with drawings, or to nest items to ensure cost-efficiency. The ability to rotate the part or assembly to any angle and zoom in on even the most minute detail assures correct results first time, every time.

Pegasus makes use of SigmaNEST, a leading CAD/CAM system for programming multi-torch profile cutting machines. This software improves both material utilization and machine motion, maximizing productivity and cost effectiveness for clients.

Electronic drawing files can be quickly sent via e-mail allowing us to quickly respond to customers’ quote requests, drawing changes and revisions with even greater speed and accuracy.

Pegasus’ Technical Experts can advise you on the most suitable materials to use for specific applications, as many considerations are involved in the correct selection of materials. Factors include the type of materials being haled, abrasion and corrosion resistance, economics and fabrication needs.Our staff can conduct surveys for customers, and assist with in-house trials. This ensures that the best long term results are obtained at all times.

  • MasterCam – For all machining programmes for Router Machine (Machining Centre), Drilling and Milling.
  • Inventor – Developments of all Fabrications, Cones, Lobster Backs, Chutes and General Assemblies.
CAD Facilities